About DearHolly

DearHolly is an ongoing community project in which people send in advice to  the teenagers of today via the back of a postcard. Each weekend I publish the advice cards that arrive to share with the Holly or Olly in your life.

This collection is about providing advice, sharing secrets and anecdotes. Maybe you want to tell H/Olly to march to the beat of their own drums because your teenage years were spent in the chorus. Maybe you want to tell them to go to ‘that party’, have more confidence or get their drivers license as soon as possible.

Together we can create a living, breathing collection of real, gritty and heartfelt advice that teenagers the world over can can share, gasp at, learn from, and live by.

No longer will teens have to rely on the repetitive, commercialised advice found in any given women’s magazine or lads mag. This project aims to paint a picture of teenage life to help inspire, support and comfort those currently entering or going through it.

I’m doing this for the Holly in my life. You should do it for the Holly or Olly in yours, or the H/Olly that you once were. Join me.


Who are Holly & Olly?

Holly & Olly are purely names that are representative of the males and females that make up the youth of today. (They are not real people!) For the purposes of this project they exist to signal which gender your advice is targeted at.  By using the combined H/Olly you imply that advice is suited to both genders.

Holly/Olly can represent a young person you know, the person you once were or even the person you want to be. They represent the young people of today who are hungry for your words of advice.

What to do:

  • Address a postcard to Dear Holly (for girls) or Dear Olly (for boys)
  • Write your advice anonymously (you can include your age and gender for context if you like)
  • Stamp and mail the postcard or letter

Send your postcard to: 

Knox City Centre Post Office,
PO Box 4180,
Knox City Centre,
VICTORIA, Australia, 3152

If you’d rather email your submissions, then you can write, scan, upload, photograph, or digitally create your message and email it to: dearhollyproject@gmail.com.


10 thoughts on “About DearHolly

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  4. I’m doing an article on the dear holly project at school! i think it’s wonderful the work that you’re doing to help young people and their self esteem. i personally am enjoying reading the advice as i am merely a teenager myself. thank you for collecting all this amazing advice and all the woe you’re doing for body image!


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