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Since starting this project I’ve been asked by many people about the best way to approach someone they admire to ask them if they will contribute a postcard. While there are many obvious ways to do this – over the phone, via email, in person… etc – sometimes it’s not the means of the communication that is the stumbling block, but the words themselves.

For this reason I’ve compiled a basic template for a letter or email that you can send to people you admire to ask them to contribute to the DearHolly Project. They can be your teachers, your relatives, celebrities, your friends brother who got a book published, so-and-so’s aunt who beat cancer… etc. Whatever the reason you admire the person, this letter template will help you to ask them to share their story.

Just copy and paste this template into a word document and insert your name, the date etc plus any personal reasons why you want them to contribute. Whack their address on an envelope and post it off and you’re done! (Even easier, just send it in an email!)

Letter template:

[Insert Date]

[Insert Street address]

[Insert Suburb]

[Insert State and postcode]


My name is [insert name] and I’m writing this letter to you because I respect and admire your work in our community. I wanted to let you know about a project that’s being run locally and I for one would be really interested in seeing what you could contribute to it.

It’s called the DearHolly Project ( and it’s an online collection of postcards of advice for young people, sent in by people all over the world. The idea is to cross the generational divide and provide a place online for young people to hear stories and words of encouragement and advice from those who have experienced more time on Earth than they have.

Postcards of advice are most often mailed to the below address but you can also take a photo of your postcard and email it to:

DearHolly Project

Knox City Centre Post Office

PO Box 4180

Knox City Centre,


Australia, 3152

I would be so humbled if you would consider contributing to this project. Not only will I get to benefit from your advice and stories, but thousands of other young people will as well.

Now that you have received this message, I hope that you will identify someone in your life that you admire and pass on this message of encouragement to pay their experience forward and share their story for the benefit of young people around the world.

Thank you for your time in considering this message. I hope to have the privilege of reading your words of advice online soon.

Kindest regards,

[Insert your name]

**End template.


2 thoughts on “Request Advice

  1. Hi, I’m a high school teacher looking for positive sites to recommend to my students. The idea of Dear Holly seems really positive, but I’d just like to know if you’ve had any problems with any submissions you’ve received, like has anyone tried to use your site to bully, hassle or troll anyone, and if they have, how do/would you respond?


    • Hi there, thanks for your interest in the project. So far I haven’t had any negative/concerning submissions like that and I hope it stays that way. I will not publish anything which aims to troll, bully or negatively impact upon another person. If people include names of others in their submissions and that submission is not hurtful etc I will black out the name and still publish it. However if something comes in which names another person and is hateful or in poor spirit, then it will not be published. I’ve had a lot of schools get involved in the project so if you’re interested feel free to shoot me an email: Schools have had year 12s write to year 7s, had year 9s write about who they want to be etc. It’s a really great project for high schoolers. 🙂


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