Submission Guidelines

Postcard Submissions:


What to do:

  • Address a postcard to Dear Holly (for girls) or Dear Olly (for boys)
  • Write your advice anonymously (you can include your age and gender for context if you like)
  • Be as creative as you like
  • Stamp and mail the postcard or letter.

Send your postcard to: 

Knox City Centre Post Office,
PO Box 4180,
Knox City Centre,
VICTORIA, Australia, 3152

If you’d rather email your submissions, then you can write, scan, upload, photograph, or digitally create your message and email it to:

Video Submissions:

Dear Holly Video Shot

What to do:

  • Record a short video of advice that you would like to give to the youth of today
  • Choose somewhere quiet to minimise background noise
  • Begin by addressing your advice to Dear Holly (for girls) or Dear Olly (for boys)
  • Be as creative as you like
  • Email your finished video to or share a link to it on the Facebook page

What will happen to your video?

  • Your video will be put into a video compilation with 4 other submissions and published on the DearHolly Project Youtube Channel
  • These videos will be linked to on social media and the Dear Holly website for young people around the world to watch, enjoy and learn from.

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